Beautiful flowers

“One Lord, one faith, one baptism.”
Ephesians 4:5


At First Pres we welcome the opportunity to participate in the weddings of our members and friends. The wedding service is a time of both celebration and worship before God, asking God’s blessing on a lifelong relationship.  (application)

We look forward to being a part of this most important day and making it as meaningful as possible. Weddings are a joyful part in the life of our church.


Our ministers perform baptisms for both infants and adults, almost always as part of a regular church worship service. 

At a time of loss and sorrow, the church offers a ministry of love and hope through our belief in the resurrection.  Christian funerals, whether they are held in the church, a funeral home, or at the graveside, bear witness to our faith in the resurrection.

Our minister and staff work with the loved ones to hold a service that reflects our Christian beliefs and reflects the wishes of the family.  Following services held in the sanctuary, Presbyterian Women often provide light refreshments in Westminster Hall.
If you have questions or would like to discuss weddings, baptisms or funerals, please call the church office at 217-356-7238.