Audio Sermons


September 2023

Judge Not

“Judge Not” from 2023-09-17 by Judi Geistlinger.

August 2023

We are the Body

“We are the Body” from 2023-08-27 by Judi Geistlinger.

God’s Wonderful Works

“God’s Wonderful Works” from 2023-08-13 by Rachel Matthews.

July 2023

A Lukewarm Faith

“A Lukewarm Faith” from 2023-07-30 by Matt Matthews.

This Is None Other Than the House of God

“This Is None Other Than the House of God” from 2023-07-23 by Matt Matthews.

The Lord Is My Shepherd

“The Lord Is My Shepherd” from 2023-07-16 by Matt Matthews and Tracy Dace.

Rest for the Weary

“Rest for the Weary” from 2023-07-09 by Rachel Matthews.

I Have Some Questions

“I Have Some Questions” from 2023-07-02 by Judi Geistlinger.

June 2023

It’s a Family Affair

“It’s a Family Affair” from 2023-06-25 by Judi Geistlinger.

A Meditation on Angels Unawares

“A Meditation on Angels Unawares” from 2023-06-18 by Matt Matthews.

I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice

“I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice” from 2023-06-11 by Matt Matthews.

The Great Commission

“The Great Commission” from 2023-06-04 by Matt Matthews.

May 2023

Nine O’clock in the Morning

“Nine O’clock in the Morning” from 2023-05-28 by Rachel Matthews.

You Will Be My Witnesses

“You Will Be My Witnesses” from 2023-05-21 by Matt Matthews.

God With Us

“God With Us” from 2023-05-14 by Matt Matthews.