Lady wearing yellow dress with flowing scarf.
Two girls holding water jugs.
“Let brotherly and sisterly love continue.”
Hebrews 13:1
Our World Mission Ministry supports workers and organizations that uphold our mission of sharing God’s love and message of salvation with people around the globe through support, empowerment, education and relationships, including:
  • Lifeline Pilots
  • Marion Medical Missions
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship
  • Opportunity International 
We support helping ministries in the following locations:
  • Indonesia
  • Central Africa
  • Cuba and the Caribbean
  • Mexico
  • South Sudan
  • Pakistan
Our members make annual visits to our sister church, Luyano Presbyterian Church in Havana Cuba, and Luyano members visit us with similar regularity. 
Our support for Presbyterian Education Board helps provide scholarships and educational materials for the Sangla Hills Girls School in Lahore, Pakistan.

Through the Presbyterian Church’s National Mission Fund we lend support to mission and ministries throughout the world, including:

  • Presbyterian Church Disaster Relief Fund
  • Presbyterian Mission Agency
  • Theological Education Fund
  • Presbyterian Cuba Partnership
  • Presbyterian Education Board of Pakistan (PEB)
To learn more about World Mission, please send us an email