Audio Sermons


July 2022

On Going and Doing Likewise

“On Going and Doing Likewise” from 07-10-2022 by Matt Matthews

The Sending of the Seventy

“The Sending of the Seventy” from 2022-7-3 by Matt Matthews

June 2022

Jesus and RSVP’s

“Jesus and RSVP’s” from 2022-6-26 by Matt Matthews

They Asked Jesus to Leave

“They Asked Jesus to Leave” from 2022-06-19 by Matt Matthews

Does God Have a Big Toe?

“Does God Have a Big Toe?” from 2022-06-12 by Matt Matthews.

Peace in the Middle of Disruption

“Peace in the Middle of Disruption” from 2022-06-05 by Matt Matthews.

May 2022

Frail to Sing Thy Praises

“Frail to Sing Thy Praises” from 2022-05-29 by Matt Matthews and Rachel Matthews.

Love in Action

“Love in Action” from 2022-05-22 by Matt Matthews.

Another Sermon on Love?

“Another Sermon on Love?” from 2022-05-15 by Matt Matthews.

The Lord Is My Shepherd

“The Lord Is My Shepherd” from 2022-05-08 by Matt Matthews.

Singing With Full Voice

“Singing With Full Voice” from 2022-05-01 by Rachel Matthews. Released: 0. Track .