July 2021


“Go!” from 2021-07-11 by Eric Corbin.

June 2021

The Kin-dom of God

“The Kin-dom of God” from 2021-06-13 by Eric Corbin.

May 2021

Abiding and Bearing Fruit

“Abiding and Bearing Fruit” from 2021-05-09 by Eric Corbin.

April 2021

Dining with Jesus

“Dining with Jesus” from 2021-04-18 by Eric Corbin.

March 2021

Excited — For What?

“Excited — For What?” from 2021-03-28 by Eric Corbin.

Bearing Fruit

“Bearing Fruit” from 2021-03-21 by Eric Corbin.

February 2021

God’s Recipe

“God’s Recipe” from 2021-02-28 by Eric Corbin

January 2021

Home By Another Way

“Home By Another Way” from 2021-01-03 by Eric Corbin.

December 2020

Make It Last All Year

“Make It Last All Year” from 2020-12-27 by Eric Corbin.

November 2020

Tear Open the Heavens

“Tear Open the Heavens” from 2020-11-29 by Eric Corbin.

October 2020

All You Need Is Love

“All You Need Is Love” from 2020-10-25 by Eric Corbin.

September 2020

How Many Times?

“How Many Times?” from 2020-09-13 by Eric Corbin.

July 2020

Become a Neighbor

“FPC-C Podcast 2020-07-12”.

March 2020



February 2020

Bumper Sticker Religion

“Bumper Sticker Religion” from First Presbyterian Church of Champaign by Eric Corbin.