October 2020

Come Before Winter

“Come Before Winter” from 2020-10-11 by Matt Matthews.

The Grace of God

“The Grace of God” from 2020-10-04 by Matt Matthews.

September 2020

United Despite Differences

“United Despite Differences” from 2020-09-06 by Matt Matthews.

August 2020

Christian Midwives

“Christian Midwives” from 2020-08-30 by Matt Matthews.

A Whole New World

“A Whole New World” from 2020-08-16 by Eric Corbin.

High Water and Other Hazards of Faith

“High Water and Other Hazards of Faith” from 2020-08-09 by Matt Matthews.

Wrestling with God

July 2020

What Can Separate Us From God’s Love?

Have You Seen God, Lately?

Become a Neighbor

“FPC-C Podcast 2020-07-12”.


“FPC-C Podcast 2020-07-05”.

June 2020

A Cup of Cool Water

“FPC-C Podcast 2020-06-28”.

A Father’s Day Meditation

“FPC-C Podcast 2020-06-21”.

Angels Unawares

“FPC-C Podcast 2020-06-14”.

I Am With You

“FPC-C Podcast 2020-06-07”.